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(HEAVY) FRONT LIMITERS (Striped cutting)

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They are used for sheet metal striped cutting. The range of the cutting is between 0 mm and 400 mm. There is a possibility to produce longer limiters upon customer's request.  The limiters are equipped with the wind-up measuring tape which can be easily changed when used up.  In case when the cut sheet metal is narrower than the span of the front limiters, the profile which is equipped with the limiters should be used. The profile should be put on the protruding, pulling out pins. The magnet which are put into limiters should hold the profile still. One can also put pins into the holes of the profile. If the strip of sheet metal is wider than 250 mm, the roofer should support the sheet metal with his hand.  If there is no support the slitter knife will be pushed aside and this may lead to the wrong cutting of the sheet metal.  The construction of the limiters allows for the fast slipping of the limiters under the machine with no need for taking them out.  To block the limiters there is a special handwheel (no need to use spanners).  The limiters scaling should be done individually with the usage of the screw at the end of which there is a reference point for the scale.

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