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The machine can be equipped with the device which, with low additional costs, eliminates the costs of buying an expensive segmental bar folder. There are two elements which raises the upper beam to the arbitrary height (but not higher than 90 mm). For example, you have to bend a 500 mm x 500 mm x 50 mm (height) sheet metal from four sides. To do so, you have to raise the holding-down beam to the level of 50 mm (you can use scales) and fix the beam at the proper level.  The sheet metal should be incised at the angles.  Next, you should make or buy a 50 (height) mm x 500 (length) mm profile (instead of metal block you can use a wooden one).  The time for switching is similar to the time which is needed for switching in the segmental bar folder.  You should remember that the pressing force should be balanced and therefore you should put 50mm-high blocks next to the leading columns.  The machine is now prepared to bend a box (baking pan).   Maximum dimensions which can be achieved while making a box corresponds to working length of particular bending machine and maximum height of 90 mm. For example, if you have a Z.R.S-3160 model, you can make a box of the following dimensions: 3150mm x 3150mm x 90mm.

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