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Price from: 220 PLN net
Projected price of the device: 220 PLN net

About the product

NEW! Side regulation of last pressing rollers has been implemented in production! Such regulation increases the range of possibilities of the groover making it a universal and all-embracing tool. Moreover, its construction has been reinvented allowing bending the sheet metal at the 45º bending angle. Fast, useful tool used for a precise clamping the pre-bent groover in one duty cycle. Perfect for tasteful finish of eaves and larmiers. It closes the groover but it neither breaks the sheet metal nor damages the surface. Working element is a set of 4 rollers put in cascade manner gradually increasing the clamp of sheet metal. Last set with adjustable width of slit enables bigger choice of tools for different sheet metal thickness and needed precision.

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220 mm.45 mm.135 mm.2.4
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