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PEDALS (Closing / opening with foot)

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About the product

They are useful for roofers who work alone. When the roofer uses pedals he/she does not have to stop the work and walk to the closing handles to open the machine because he/she can do it with foot.  When one presses down the sheet metal with pedals he/she does not let go of the sheet metal and this influences the accuracy of bending and cutting and shortens the time of the work.  Pedals work simultaneously with the side handles which means that if one presses down the holding-down beam with the pedals he/she can lift it with the handles and the other way round.  The roofer can lift the holding-down beam only to the height of 15 mm, if this height is too small there is a possibility to use side handles which raise the beam to the height of 90 mm.

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