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About the product

It allows cutting sheet metal on the machine. The corpus of the knife is made of steel, covered with dry power lacquer, other elements are covered with zinc. The cutting rollers are made of high-alloy steel which allows for the long-lasting and exact cutting (There is a possibility of multiple sharpening of the cutting rollers). The knife is equipped with the number of possible adjustments which allow for the correction of the trajectory and the position of cutting rollers in relation to the cut sheet metal. During transport the knife is protected by a special bag which is filled with a thick, tough sponge. The hanger is part of the slitter knife. It is a practical, specially shaped tool which perfectly supports the knife when the roofer does not use the knife for a while. The knife is adjusted by the producer of the machine. If any problems occur, please contact us.

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350 mm.220 mm.320 mm.7.2
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