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BACK TABLE 1 m. (+back fenders with a scale +bag)

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About the product

It is made of the steel profiles, fixed to the convenient fasteners. Two profiles are equipped with fenders of a 1000 mm scale. That fenders are used for the repetitive bending or cutting. Additionaly, there are wooden elements equipped with fasteners between the profiles. The table is used for comfortable sheet metal cutting and bending. There can be a few sheet metals on the table but if the number of them is high, the support of the table should be used For transportation the table is packed in a special bag.

Attention! Depending on the model of the bending machine, back table cosists of various number of elements.

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MachineProfilesWooden elementsBumpers with scaleLGTHWDTHHTKGPrice net
11602121050 mm.150 mm.50 mm.7.45250
16603221050 mm.150 mm.50 mm.7.45250
21604321050 mm.150 mm.50 mm.9.6350
23604321050 mm.150 mm.50 mm.9.6350
26604321050 mm.150 mm.50 mm.9.6350
31605421050 mm.150 mm.50 mm.11.6450
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